Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Our Fall Lineup!

We've had a great summer and are looking forward to what fall will be bringing on our lot. With the holidays right around the corner, we have a few great ideas of what you can get your loved one who is a car enthusiast (check out our coming soon cars at the bottom of this blog!) Want to know what's sold? We had a lot of movement on the lot this past August, check out these recent beauties who have found new homes!

August was an awesome month for us at Vintage Motor Cars, as we said goodbye to several beautiful vehicles. Such as our 1940 Packard Super Eight 160 Convertible Coupe, Model 1803! It had an immaculate red paint job and tan leather on the interior – a truly classic look. Kept in California all its life, this Packard was entirely rust-free with a cool running engine that can comfortable cruise at 65 mph. It also had received a myriad of updates including: a brand new top and top boot, new trunk carpet, rebuilt starter, vacuum advance, generator and distributor, new brakes and wheel cylinders, new trim rings and hubcaps, newer wiring harness, new battery and that’s just the beginning! This was a rare find and its new owner drove happily off in their new Super Eight!
We also said farewell to a gorgeous 1930 Chrysler Model 77 4-Door Sedan this August! This is truly what you think of when you imagine a clean, sleek classic vehicle. This particular one benefitted from a recent frame off restoration and the interior has been expertly kept. The interior hardware has also been kept in excellent shape. The chrome was replated with the exception of the spotlight, which kept its original chrome. Privacy window shades adorn the two rear windows behind the back doors as well as the rear window. With all gauges working and clear, this car made for the perfect family car, show car, or touring car. What more could you want? No wonder it was swept off our inventory!
Our 1984 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur “Lace Peacock” was arguably one of our most unique cars we had in our inventory. In August, a lucky owner drove off in this head-turner. The exterior color is named “lace peacock” and the inside was dressed in cream leather with red piping! This is not a car you see every day, and we are excited that someone was able to claim this as their own. Basically brand new, this Rolls had only 10,110 original miles when driven off our lot. Hand painted by the Bhagwan’s special artists, it has been meticulously maintained in excellent original condition. This car has a long history and story behind it that many cars don’t come with! We are sad to see this rare beauty go, but we know it has made our customer very happy!

New on our site for the month of September we have some absolutely gorgeous vehicles you’d be crazy not to check out! Our 1921 Stutz Series K 6-7 Passenger Tourer is now up on the site. A unique gray exterior paint pairs well with its red leather interior. Fun fact about this car is that only 35,000 of the first generation Stutz motor cars were produced in the 20 year history of the company. Meaning, this car is now considered a “full classic” by the Classic Car Club of America. In fact, this is the only 1921 Stutz 6-7 Tourer still existing today! This Stutz starts easily and has been fitted with an electric fuel pump. It cruises effortlessly down the road and is ready for any show or tour.
Another stunning find on our site this month is our 1961 Oldsmobile Super Eighty-Eight Convertible. This white beast is adorned in maroon vinyl interior which creates a beautiful contrast. Only 2,624 Super Eighty-Eight Convertibles were built in 1961, making this an extremely rare find – especially in such immaculate condition! Showing barely 38,000 original miles, this Olds is basically like new. A whisper-quiet engine and smooth shifting makes for an unforgettable ride. We are looking forward to handing the keys over to whoever the lucky new owner may be!

Talk about a car straight out of the high class 1920’s! Our 1921 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Cabriolet is sure to be swiped out of our inventory in no time! Rolls is known for its expertise in luxury vehicles – even in the 1920’s. Light blue and cream paint cover the outside while red leather adds a touch of elegance to the interior. This car has been restored in its lifetime and painted and lined by hand. The rebuild was completed in April of 1962, while the engine received an overhaul in 1992 and the convertible top was renewed in 1998. This car is in perfect condition and is the result of many years of love. The only reason its current owner has decided to part ways with it after 55 years of ownership, is that its current home of Switzerland, the car is not allowed to exceed their speed limit laws, but it could easily exceed them. Switzerland just isn’t doing this beauty justice and its owner has high hopes that elsewhere it could be driven like it’s really meant to be!

What can you expect to see on our site in the coming month? We have a sleek 1914 Abbott-Detroit. This gorgeous vehicle is black on black and is sure to break necks as it slides onto our site and into your garage!

Another great car we can’t wait to have up on our site soon is a 1973 Volvo. The orange exterior means business and is made for a bold driver! If you want a car that blends in, this isn’t the car for you. Kept in near perfect condition, this Volvo is the perfect addition to any car collection!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Heating up on the Lot!

Summer may be wrapping up, but our lot is still hot! With several beauties sold this past month and some exciting new additions coming, here is our August roundup!

We let our stunning 1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner go to a happy new owner last month! This beautiful car has a light blue paint job with a white accent on top, paired with a blue and white leatherette interior. This 2-door hardtop body style also has an integrated acrylic glass panel over the front seating area. The glass has a blue-green tint, creating a soft diffused light that filters out 60% of the sun rays! 13,144 of these cars were sold in one year of production! This particular one is completely restored and includes a new and improved engine. Although they initially were overwhelmingly popular, today they are relatively rare and sought after in the car collector market. We were sad to see it go, but happy to have made someone’s collection even better!

Another lovely car we sold last month was a 1923 Nash Model 691 5-Passenger Touring Car. Not only is this Nash a gorgeous deep green, it benefited from a frame-off restoration including a new top and side curtains. Additionally, it was equipped with an OHV 6-cylinder engine and was recently serviced and ready to drive! Adding to its original charm, this Nash is complete with a period accessory spotlight with review mirror attached and mounted to the left windshield frame. The front bumper also is an authentic accessory! Nine decades old, this beauty runs like new and was more than ready to be driven off with its new owner!

New on the Vintage Motor Cars site for the month of August is our 1923 Ford Model T Speedster. For a great deal of just $24,900, you can take home this timeless vehicle. Its cream exterior and contrasting black leather interior create a classic look. Complete with brass headlamps, a dropped front axle, Rocky Mountain brakes, a modern coil, distributor and an electric starter have all been added. What more could you ask for? Adding a finishing touch to this Ford is a monocle windshield! You’d be crazy NOT to add it to your collection!

You think you’ve seen a true head-turner? Not until you’ve seen our 1962 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster new on our site this month! Gorgeous with ragoon red on the outside and beige vinyl adorning the inside, a fiberglass tonneau cover fits over the rear seat of the four-seater convertible to give it the appearance of a two-seater with a very long rear deck. The cover was designed so as to not interfere with the convertible top’s operation – smart thinking! Also, for your convenience, this Ford has a swing away steering wheel – to allow the driver to enter and exit the car with ease; how awesome is that? Rust free with 30,714 miles prove its virtually flawless and ready for a ride with its new owner!

If you’ve been waiting to find the perfect vehicle to jump on to add to your collection, wait no longer! Soon we will have available for you a 1966 Jaguar XKE. Its combination of beauty, high performance, and competitive pricing crowned this model an icon of 1960’s vehicle manufacturing. This sleek, red road monster is sure to break necks as your fly by! Be sure to check it out as soon as it’s on the site!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Summer Time Rides!

Here at Vintage Motor Cars we are excited to announce our recently sold cars! We said goodbye to our 1967 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon. This particular trim style was the top trim level available during its production. This particular one, however, is in very user friendly condition. The exterior and interior are both in nice condition but could use some love. Luckily, there was a car owner interested in giving it all the love it needs. It is in fine driving condition and even holds up to nine passengers! All the bells and whistles work on it and is now with its happy new owner!
Another car we sold was our 1949 Mercury Station Wagon. Sitting atop four Firestone Super Champion whitewall tires, this burgundy beast was originally intended to be a Ford. However, before plans were finalized, the car was “promoted” to a Mercury. Ford eventually went on to make a similar version anyway. Although it appears much larger than the Ford version, it’s still the same 118 inch wheelbase. This particular model is also more rare than its competitors and highly sought after by collectors. That’s why this one was a lucky buy for its owner! Fully restored and beautifully finished, it’s going to be a sight to see flying down the road! 
New on our site we have our 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V Bill Blass Edition with only 16,786 of its original miles! On top of the low mileage is the low price of just $22,900! This luxury coupe was sold by Lincoln from 1977 to 1979 and was eventually replaced by a newer model. For the 1978 model, a larger radiator was added, the 400 engine was detuned for better fuel economy and a full imitation convertible “carriage roof” top was added and an LED “Miles to Empty” gauge became a new revolutionary option. This car is completely original, down to its Goodyear Custom radial tires. This Lincoln has been in the same family since it was new! It’s a perfect car in every way and an excellent example of all this car was meant to be, and now it can be yours!

Available now, a 1941 Packard 160 Sedan! Also known as the Nineteenth Series, the line of 1941 Packard’s continued the same styling and modernism that were born during 1940, as well as a myriad of detail updates. They have a hearty power train, independent front suspension and surprisingly smooth ride. Because of all this, these models are still highly desired today as they have sustained drive ability, usability quality and timeless character. Check out this beauty when it comes up on our site and be the first to get your hands on the wheel!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

June’s Roundup and Lineup for July!

We had a great kick off to the summer with a variety of vehicles sold! We’re looking forward to July to bring you another great variety and selection available for purchase! Here’s the rundown:  

Previously belonging to its owner in Lakewood, our 1948 Town & Country Sedan was recently sold. Catalina tan on the outside and red highlander plaid on the inside, this truly original sedan was maintained well and kept in beautiful condition! With a frame on restoration and upgrades such as twin spot lights, an electric gas cap and genuine mahogany inserts, this vehicle is sure to turn some heads! There may be a myriad of incredible cars in the collector car world; this one stands out among the rest in all its elegance and originality. This sedan didn’t go far to its new home however; its new owner resides in Hinckley. Although we were able to give this car away to a new owner, you still have a chance to check out this vintage artwork! At the CCCA Grand Classic on July 8 in Salem. Oh, this car will be on display for all to admire!
Recently sold! Our 1974 Cadillac Eldorado has just over 34,000 original miles and is in great working order! This stunning convertible is adorned with a cranberry firemist paint job with a white top and white leather interior! This Cadillac is a luxury car manufactured from 1935-2002; over ten generations! With many competitors, this particular model still shines above the rest. The 1974 model even has a redesigned rear bumper, horizontal tail lights, fine mesh grille and all new instrument panel design. Not only is the outside appearance spotless, the undercarriage has never seen bad weather and is in nearly mint condition. Stocked with all the appropriate options, we have never seen another one of its kind in such incredibly condition. A steal if you ask us at just $27,500!

Brand new on our website is our 1930 Chrysler Model 77 4-Door Sedan. Only two previous owners have called this their own and now you could be the lucky number three! With a fresh, frame-off restoration it only has 43,000 original miles and is a joy to drive! Sleek, black exterior paint and unique grey broadcloth interior blanket this classic vintage car. It even has gorgeous Firestone white wall tires to complete the look. This model had fierce competition during it’s time, and despite the stock market crash of 1929, Chrysler continued to prosper and revamped their 1930 lineup – including this particular model! New styling, increased horsepower and added features completed the finishing touches on this flawless vehicle. This particular model was considered top of the line at the time, and still is today among other vintage vehicles! It has all original hardware and a surprisingly roomy interior. Find out how truly amazing this Chrysler is by adding it to your collection!


We are pleased to announce we recently made a trade-in for our 1954 Buick Skylark! As part of the trade, we scored an awesome 1937 Cadillac Series 75. Coming to us all the way from the San Francisco, Ca area, it was driven year round; yet it’s in beautiful condition! This Cadillac received a new restoration and it is low on miles as well! It boasts a vibrant, bright blue paint job as well as a white top. Thick white wall tires carry this beauty around and chrome finishes really make this vintage gem stand out. It will be available on the website soon and could be yours!
Another vehicle we are so excited we are going to be offering is out 1912 Model T Speedster! This particular car has quite an interesting history. Stored in a museum for the past 40 years, we are currently in the process of detailing it and getting it in excellent, working order for whoever the lucky new owner is! We anticipate it’s availability by the end of June!

Contact us if interested in purchasing any of the upcoming vehicles, we ship internationally!